On-Site Classical Dressage Trainer


Jackie Friedrich Classical Dressage Lessons & Training

Jackie started riding at the age of 14, getting her start in three-day eventing.  After several years, Jackie made the switch to Classical Dressage.  She was drawn to Classical Dressage  because of the focus placed on riding in harmony with the horse's natural movements, which helps develop their athleticism, engage their mind and strengthen their natural gaits.  It also helps to deepen the bond with their rider.  

Jackie first came to Topline 11 years ago as a boarder.  Given her love of horses and passion for Classical Dressage, she eventually made the decision to pursue a career as a professional horse trainer.  With that decision, Jackie began a training apprenticeship seven years ago under the expertise of Suzanne DeLyle.  Jackie has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience from Suzanne, who has trained horses professionally since 1992.  In that time, Suzanne studied under many great masters including Henri Gerard Bouzar, Hebert Rehbein, George Wahl, Gerald Paulson, Betsey Steiner, Klaus Albin, Melissa Sims and Dianna Mukpo.    

Jackie is well-versed in the principles, theory, and technique of Classical riding  and offers private lessons as well as full and half training services.  She also teaches Liberty, Classical groundwork and work in hand.  

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