Facilities Highlights


Topline's well-maintained horse boarding premises are ready to enjoy

  •  60’ x 120’ mirrored and lighted covered arena with viewing area  featuring Fibar cedar and granulated rubber footing; arena is groomed every other day with specialized machinery

  • 65’ x 200’ outdoor arena built to Olympic Dressage specifications; graded with French drains, road-base fabric, 13'' of cured rock (2'' rock at 95% density, 5/8 minus rock) 

  • 3.5 acre Gelding Pasture with extra large open-sided shelter 

  • 1.75 acre Mare Pasture with multiple open-sided shelters 

  • Herds are carefully managed with each new horse being introduced individually to each herd member to ensure safe integration into the herd 

  • Eight 60’ x 55’ paddocks with covered, open-sided shelters and adjacent 100’ x 55’ grazing area; graded with French drains, road-base fabric, compressed 5/8 minus and cedar hog fuel footing 

  • Nineteen 12’ x 12’ box stalls located in the New Barn

  • Twenty-four 10’ x 10’ box stalls located in the Main Barn 

  • Two 10’ x 20’ box stalls located in the Main Barn

  • Rubber mats line the Main Barn aisles while the New Barn features textured concrete

  • Cross-fenced pastures and paddocks, all fencing is hot-wired 

  • Hot / cold water wash rack with newly installed slip resistant and cushioning Polylast™ recycled rubber flooring 

  • Eight crosstie grooming stations

  • Oversized individual tack lockers 

  • Night check by Owner / Manager  

  • Nearby trail access

  • Restroom with changing area