About Suzanne DeLyle

Suzanne grew up in a riding family, from her grandparents to parents, to her older sister setting a world record jumping 7’2 in a Pouissance class in 1969. She starting riding double with her oldest sister and then began riding under her sister, learning to jump.

Along with her love of horses, she also loves ballet. She danced ballet for 28 years and had a successful career with Ballet West and American Conservatory Theatre. Suzanne was the founder and artistic director of Pacific Ballet Theater which had over 200 students.

During her dance career she began to long for horses and began riding classical dressage. Her knowledge of classical ballet has facilitated and enhanced her knowledge of classical riding. There are tremendous parallels between the two. Both are steeped in centuries of history, theory, and principles that must be adhered to.

Suzanne has been riding since 1985 and training horses professionally since 1992. During that time she has studied under many great masters such as, Henri Gerard Bouzar in which she studied on a daily basis for an average of six to eight hours a day for a year, and then several times a year for ten years. She also rode under the direction of Hebert Rehbein, George Wahl, Gerald Paulson, Betsy Steiner, Klaus Albin, Melissa Sims, and. Dianna Mukpo.

Suzanne’s love of the horse has guided her and provided her with artistic and academic principles. She adheres to these principles and loves how dressage helps the horse develop athletically and strengthen the bond with their riders. She loves how she can come to work every day and enjoy the natural movement of the horse, and the ability to pass her knowledge to her students.